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Re: Bug#591924: postgresql-common - insserv: script postgresql: service postgresql already provided!

Martin Pitt [2010-11-20 16:12 +0100]:
> We could upload it to lenny-updates, but there's no guarantee that
> everyone installs it before an upgrade to squeeze.

Sorry, this option was a brainfart of course. postgresql-common's
postinst can't dpkg-reconfigure postgresql-8.3, since apt/dpkg are
already running at that point. And it would be much more brittle

There just isn't a postgresql-8.3 in squeeze which could clean up, 
so I think it's much safer to nuke postgresql-8.3's init script in
postgresql-common's postinst. While it's breaking the letter of the
Debian Policy, the packages are still closely related to each other,
and at that point we are sure that the -common init script can fully
replace the one from 8.3. So I highly recommend to go with this

Waiting for -release ack before I upload this.


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