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Are read-only / install bugs RC?


I recently did a squeeze install with read-only / and /usr and found a
few minor glitches:

* ifupdown installed without /dev/shm mounted
* /etc/mtab not a link to /proc/mounts
* /etc/fstab lists the device for proc as "proc", system says "none",
  mounting local filesystems gives error
* lvm wants to write to /etc unless configured otherwise [1]
  (No error during boot, lvm handles R/O /etc fine, but reduces

At least the first 3 are critical to a read-only / and /usr system and
must be fixed before the system boots cleanly and becomes usable.

The last one (lvm) is more an anoyance. For example one can't create new
logical volumes without remounting / read-write. But it can easily be
configured to use /var. 

My question now is: How critical is this for squeeze and how to fix it?

Do we want to support installing with / set read-only?
Or should D-I object to / having the read-only option set?

Can we mount /target/dev/shm in D-I prior to installing ifupdown?

Should D-I set the /etc/mtab link or should mount (util-linux) create

Should D-I write the proc entry in fstab differently or should mount
handle differences in the pseudo device for virtual fileystems better?



[1] http://bugs.debian.org/562234

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