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Re: Git fixes for squeeze

Hi again,

Some quick corrections.

Jonathan Nieder wrote:

> Some quick changes for git in squeeze.
>  - Trivial fixes from upstream: memory leaks in cache_tree_free
>    and diff; confusing use of static buffer in setup_git_env;
>    dependence on signed int overflow semantics.
>  - Documentation formatting fixes (mostly stray backslashes in
>    manpages) to fix bugs #540001, #600422.
>  - Weaker dependencies for gitweb, so it can be used with nginx
>    without installing another webserver to satisfy dpkg.
>    Fixes bug #600413 (which is a regression from lenny and is
>    probably "serious"; sorry for the mislabeling).

Forgot to mention:

   - Another fix from upstream.
     gitweb: Reload configuration after each request.  This fixes
     a regression introduced by v1.7.2-rc2 in some gitolite setups.

> Less urgent changes[3] not included, though should could be included if
> you want them.

For "should could be included", please read "if any of the following
stands out as worthwhile, I'd be glad to happy to see it in unstable,
too.  None is urgent."

Thanks, and sorry for the incoherence.


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