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Bug#603294: unblock: software-properties/0.60.debian-2

On 11/12/2010 05:19 PM, Jordi Mallach wrote:
> Package: release.debian.org Severity: normal User: 
> release.debian.org@packages.debian.org Usertags: unblock
> Please unblock package software-properties
> A recent upload fixed a good amount of horrible bugs. It's still not
>  perfect, and we're trying to decide what to do about the rest of 
> problems, but in any case, this version is *much* better than what
> we have now.

Ack. But, 0.60.debian-2 doesn't include 0.60.debian-1.1 changes to fix
#442733. It's not mandatory but it's nice to have. Could you please
integrate those changes in your package?

The relevant changes are:

--- software-properties-0.60.debian/debian/rules
+++ software-properties-0.60.debian/debian/rules
@@ -24,0 +25,3 @@
+	rm -rf build/


Mehdi Dogguy مهدي الدڤي

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