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Re: libibumad...

Julien Cristau <jcristau@debian.org> wrote:


>> This can't go in because libibmad1 on armel depends on libibumad1, and
>> the new version isn't getting built.  I guess this means libibmad should
>> get removed on a bunch of archs?

libibmad and libibumad should be removed from unstable and testing for
all arches except i386 amd64 ia64 powerpc.

A request was filed with ftp.d.o for the removal of libibumad in
unstable, but in unstable only and nothing was done for libibmad.

FYI I have packages for OFED 1.5.2, I'm waiting for a test platform to
validate the core IB/RDMA stuff before making them public one way or


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