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Bug#602893: unblock: libgphoto2/2.4.6-2

On Wed, 2010-11-10 at 10:45 +0100, David Paleino wrote:
> Maybe it's better if I attach the debdiff for review before uploading :-)
> I'm attaching 2.4.6-2 → 2.4.6-3. If it is ok, I'll upload it to sid.
> For conffile removal, I couldn't use dpkg-maintscript-helper -- until
> 2.4.6-1, they were created at postinst-time (thus they weren't marked
> as conffiles), and in 2.4.6-2 the rules file was already in /lib/. So I just
> rm them in postinst and postrm (just to be sure). Any better idea?

In an ideal world they should possibly only be removed if they're
exactly the same file that was originally shipped by the package.  I'm
guessing that the generate-on-install stuff means that any local changes
to the files were being overwritten on each upgrade anyway. :-/

Other than that, the diff looks sane enough.  Please go ahead.



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