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Bug#597951: unblock: ibus-array/0.0.2-3

On 26/10/2010 16:37, Keng-Yu Lin wrote:
>> I didn't see any answer to Adam questions. Could you please fix your
>>  upload and revert the source format change in sid so that we could 
>> include it in Squeeze?
> Would it better to get this change from debsrc3 to debsrc1 as 
> testing-proposed-updates? It is not really relevant to make this
> change to unstable.

You have an extra build-dependency on quilt anyway. So, get this fixed in
unstable and then I'll check that the package is ok… and if so, I'll
unblock it.

(About t-p-u, I'd say "no" in other cases but your package already spent
40 days in unstable without new issues, so… Meh).


Mehdi Dogguy مهدي الدڤي

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