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Possible migration of twofish.

Dear Release Managers,

during Summer I adopted the orphaned library package "twofish"
and I extended it to build also a shared library as well as
providing the very first documentation in the form of Docbook
source for a manual page.

Last week I expanded the documentation and I also removed the
macro invokation "-D_REENTRANT" according to policy 3.9.1.
That package build is not yet aged into ten days, but in case
you intend to reject it in testing, please tell me. Since it
essentially only involves improves documentation I was thinking
it to be a natural candidate for testing.

However, now I got the idea of a final touch to this package,
really making it worthy for Squeeze, namely adding to <twofish.h>
the standard C++-wrapper

     #ifdef __cplusplus
         extern "C" {

Before building and seeking a sponsor for such a package, I would
like to make sure that such a change would not make the Release Team
reject the corresponding change, thus also invalidating the update
that already has passed into "unstable".

Best regards,

Mats Erik Andersson, fil. dr

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