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Bug#592300: freeze exception: xz-utils 5.0.0


Jonathan Nieder wrote:

> XZ Utils 5.0.0 is likely to be released some time in the next few
> weeks.  As the upstream maintainer explains:
> | In case of XZ Utils, a stable release is a promise about API, ABI, and
> | command line syntax compatibility long into the future.
> Therefore I would like (pretty please?) to align with upstream on this.

5.0.0 was released at last.  Relative to xz-utils in testing, it
brings the following major changes:

  - Any preset level (-0 ... -9) specified after a custom filter
    chain option (e.g. --lzma2) will override the custom filter chain.
    In testing, any preset options after a custom filter chain option
    is completely ignored.

  - As mentioned before, the compression settings associated with the
    preset levels -0 ... -9 have been changed. --extreme was changed a
    little, too.  It is now less likely to make compression worse, but
    with some files the new --extreme may compress slightly worse than
    the old --extreme.

  - --list is looks ugly in Squeeze on locales that use space as
    a thousands separator.

  - 5.0.0 allows LZMA_FINISH in addition to LZMA_RUN for Index
    encoding and decoding. The API documentation explains that LZMA_RUN
    is better if support for < 5.0.0 is needed. This is an advanced API,
    not used by any current Debian packages aside from xz-utils itself.

  - Major manual page updates and other documentation updates.

The sources are at:
  git://git.debian.org/collab-maint/xz.git experimental

The xz-utils package in experimental demonstrates the changes.  Most
of these changes have been in experimental for a while, and while they
are not huge, they are still nice to have.  Would it be okay to upload
to unstable, perhaps with some extended age-days?

Thanks for your work to bring about a high quality Squeeze,

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