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Re: Fixes for python-pyopencl and new upsteam release

On Thu, 2010-10-21 at 21:47 +0200, Tomasz Rybak wrote:
> pyopencl.debdiff contains debbiff
> pyopencl.gitdiff contains diff from upstream git respository
> between version in Squeeze and proposed one.

The number of whitespace removal changes in the diff make it quite noisy
in places, fwiw.

+  * Fixed FTBFS on i386 (Closes: #599782)

This isn't actually RC, as the package has never built on i386; still
worth fixing though.

-        print "************************************************************"
-        print "*** I have detected that you have already run configure."
-        print "*** I'm taking the configured values as defaults for this"
-        print "*** configure run. If you don't want this, delete the file"
-        print "*** %s." % schema.get_conf_file()
-        print "************************************************************"
+        print("************************************************************")
+        print("*** I have detected that you have already run configure.")
+        print("*** I'm taking the configured values as defaults for this")
+        print("*** configure run. If you don't want this, delete the file")
+        print("*** %s." % schema.get_conf_file())
+        print("************************************************************")

That won't work with python 2.6 or earlier; well, it'll work with 2.6 if
you import it from future, but the package claims to support python 2.5
and above.  There's a bunch of other occurrences of this in the diff,
but the rest all appear to be patched out.

+  * Forced build scripts not to use boost libraries included in the source

Could you point out where that fix is in the diff?  I couldn't
immediately spot it, but might be missing something obvious.

+  * Switch to debhelper compat level 8; no changes necessary.

That's not an appropriate change to be making at this stage.

+    * Depend on libnvidia-compiler instead of transitional libnvidia-compiler1
+    * Build-depend on nvidia-libopencl1 and khronos-opencl-headers
+      instead of nvidia-libopencl1-dev

These don't correspond to the changes actually made.  Both
libnvidia-compiler and khronos-opencl-headers are added as non-default
alternatives, rather than replacing the previous packages (which is just
as well, given that libnvidia-compiler isn't in testing and
khronos-opencl-headers isn't in the archive at all).

To be entirely honest, given that the package has only ever had one
upload (in July) and has no reverse-dependencies I'm not sure right now
whether fixing it or removing it from testing would be the best



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