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Freeze exception request: nama

Hi Mehdi / Release Team

I am resending this.

I need to make a one-line patch to nama
to fix a critical shell-syntax issue 
for default squeeze installation 
with /bin/dash as system shell.

The current syntax is incompatible with dash.
c.f. Bug#599693.

Specifically for file lib/Audio/Nama.pm, line 1366

< my $redirect = "2>&1>/dev/null &";

> my $redirect = ">/dev/null &";


Joel Roth
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Hi Mehdi,

Nama was bitten by a bash/dash syntax issue.

	Bug#599693: nama: Startup fails because socket creation fails

In short, the audio engine (ecasound) won't start with dash
as the system shell.

According to Debian maintainer Jonathan Nieder, it is actually
a dash bug:

	Bug #599871	dash: shell redirect syntax fails via perl "system" command

It is a minor issue for dash, but a serious one for Nama.

Could you please unblock nama to permit me to upload a
one-line patch?

The new version will be 1.064-6.



Joel Roth

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