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Re: Advance freeze exception request for libxml-rsslite-perl

It just occurs to me that you might like to take #443629 into consideration as well. That is confirmed in both 0.11 and 0.15 and there is no fix at present.

Nicholas Bamber wrote:
If we are going with basing it off the current testing version , i.e. 0.11~dfsg-1 then the changes are

1.) Removing t/02rss.t, t/journal.rss and t/sampleRSS.xml
2.) Removing those lines from the MANIFEST file.
3) Adding debian/repack.* files to handle the above modifications

Needless to say these changes have no effect on the binary package (apart from changelogs etc) only the source package.

I include a debdiff between 0.11-3 and 0.15+dfsg-1.


Mehdi Dogguy wrote:
On 10/22/2010 10:39 AM, Nicholas Bamber wrote:
Over a year ago concerns over the license status of the test data in
this package were raised internally within the Debian perl group.
Unfortunately this seems to have had the effect of scaring anyone from
looking at the package in more detail.
There is now an RC bug report #600806. Can I assume that we could get a
freeze exception for an '0.11~dfsg-1' version and I assume I should not
request one for 0.15+dfsg-1?

Can we get a description of the actual changes? and preferably a debdiff?


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