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#600890: Frequent upstream server API changes

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Hi Release-Team,

I'm writing to you in regards of bug #600890 which was filed on
xul-ext-sync because upstream has decided to bump a version number which
is stored by this package on the server side.

The bug reporter uses the xul-ext-sync (or fx-sync)
Firefox/Iceweasel-Addon on several machines, some of them running the
official Mozilla Firefox version. If xul-ext-sync/fx-sync is not
installed through system package management, Firefox will always try to
upgrade to the latest version of this addon.

This has led to the situation where an upgrade (to 1.5) on a non-Debian
system bumped the version (storageVersion) from "2" to "3" on the server
side upon which the version installed on Debian (1.4.3-1) refuses to use
the data provided by the server.

I'm now stuck on how to proceed, as those version increments can happen
anytime (upstream told me they are planning on further increments in the
near future). Is removing the package from Squeeze and shipping the
latest version through backports the only option I have?

I'm unsure because the package itself works fine as long as noone uses a
newer version on another system. Upstream also told me that they
recommend to use the same version on every system. Is it feasible to
expect the users of this package to deny upgrades on non-Debian systems?

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Michael Fladischer
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