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[RFC] What to do with tedia2sql


It's been recently brought to my attention that one of my unfortunately
neglected packages (tedia2sql, Dia to SQL parser) has been pretty much
unusable since Dia 0.97 entered testing.
The problem is due to a file format change and upstream for my package
doesn't seem interested in further developing it (see note on top of
site[0] suggesting a different parser).

What course of action would the release team prefer:
- simply ask for removal of package
- unblock a new upload to testing with a big fat warning about the lack
of functionality and possibly suggesting the perl parser also suggested
by upstream

I personally lean towards removal, since popcon indicates ~130 installs,
but I figure it's better to ask the experts.


[0] http://tedia2sql.tigris.org

Leo "costela" Antunes
[insert a witty retort here]

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