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unblock request for sisu 2.7.5-1 (reliability fixes for Squeeze (as documented))

Severity: normal

Please unblock sisu 2.7.5 for Squeeze.

Development of sisu has been frozen in sync with the Squeeze freeze, and
changes relate to code fixes or documentation, in this case primarily code

The current version in testing is 2.7.2-1

The changes in 2.7.3, 2.7.4 and 2.7.5 are fixes Squeeze (primarily code rather
than documentation updates).

Testing of sisu may have been a bit more rigorous since debian-live recently
started using sisu with debian-live, both the responsibility of making sure it
works for that project (sisu was not originally designed for technical
writing), and a number of the fixes were for issues found by others, (in the
case of this unblock request Mark Schneider who is active in debian-live with
the live-manual) as documented below.

I am upstream for sisu the development of which has likewise been frozen since
the Debian freeze to ensure a stable sisu version release with Squeeze. Freeze
development moved upstream to the 2.7 series from debian.changes after 2.6.3
(with 2.6.3-6 being the same as 2.7.0-1 changelogs apart). All subsequent
freeze code fixes (and any documentation updates/corrections) have been in the
upstream tarball apart from updating the debian/changelog as needed. [aside on
why it become necessary to move changes back upstream to provide an upstream
tarball for a bug in ruby1.9.2 with sisu]: As explained in an earlier unblock
request, the change in upstream numbering (working upstream and opening 2.7
series as opposed to patching 2.6.3) is, (apart from my being upstream for sisu
and the the diff starting to become unnecessarily large), that there is an
issue with ruby 1.9.2 (which segfaults) filed as a bug against ruby, that is
easier to test with a current upstream tarball, so work on sisu which is
currently only on Debian release (freeze) issues moved upstream to the 2.7
series.  http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=597953 )

For the convenience of the Release Team I append the debian/changelog and the
online git repository.

I get to a stage where I expect this unblock request to be my last for Squeeze.
(But I/we continue to seek bugs, and we will continue to try fix code to make
it as fit as it can be for Squeeze). I think this round of fixes justifies an
unblock request, which I hope the release team will see fit to grant.

Thanks Release Team, for your work (and for your patience). Thanks Julien
Cristau, Mehdi Dogguy and Neil McGovern for previous unblocks on sisu (and
sister package sisu-markup-samples).

Thank you,
Ralph Amissah

*- debian/changelog -*

sisu (2.7.5-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Ralph Amissah ] - debian freeze, code fixes
  * odt fix cornercase breakage matching and representing "&nbsp", "&" and urls
    * odf, "&nbsp" and "&"
      (prior to this fix, odt for viral_spiral is broken in sisu-markup-samples)
    * shared_metadata, "&nbsp", "&" and urls in metadata
    more consistent open document text results
  * param, metadata rights, keep colon separator from interfering with urls
  * changelog & version updates

 -- Ralph Amissah <ralph@amissah.com>  Sat, 09 Oct 2010 23:18:59 -0400

sisu (2.7.4-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Ralph Amissah ] - debian freeze, code fixes
    (requested fixes related to image scaling; behaviour testing & request by
    Mark Schneider)
  * epub (epub_tune) scaling of images, fix
  * html (html_tune) scaling of images, fix
  * odf:odt, incorporation and scaling of images, fix
  * texpdf, scaling of images (below the set max size), fix
  * changelog & version updates

 -- Ralph Amissah <ralph@amissah.com>  Fri, 08 Oct 2010 12:27:28 -0400

sisu (2.7.3-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Ralph Amissah ] - debian freeze, code fixes (& minor documentation fix)
  * dal_images, where image dimensions are set in an object, use those
    (requested fix, behaviour testing & request by Mark Schneider)
  * hub, fix sisu breakage when -y (manifest) is run without the explicit or
    implicit calling of -m (creation of document abstraction for processing),
    (e.g. when --source or --sisupod is called on its own).
  * urls, cleaning
  * a few aliases added (long options)
  * sisu_markup.sst, document a fix (v1 & 2)

 -- Ralph Amissah <ralph@amissah.com>  Thu, 07 Oct 2010 10:04:02 -0400

*- git repo --*

2.7.5-1 ----- Release in Unstable, Current Unblock Request
[Ralph Amissah] comment and commitdiff

  debian/changelog 2.7.5-1

  Merge branch 'upstream' into debian/sid

  version date

  update version (2.7.5)

  param, metadata rights, keep colon separator from inter...

  odt fix cornercase breakage matching and representing...

  sha256 (2.7.4)  upstream

2.7.4-1 ----- Release
[Ralph Amissah] comment and commitdiff

  debian/changelog 2.7.4-1

  Merge branch 'upstream' into debian/sid

  update version (2.7.4)

  epub (epub_tune) scaling of images, fix (+changelog)

  html (html_tune) scaling of images, fix (+changelog)

  odf:odt, incorporation and scaling of images, fix ...

  texpdf, scaling of images (below the set max size)...

  sha256 (2.7.3)

2.7.3-1 ----- Release
[Ralph Amissah] comment and commitdiff

  debian/changelog 2.7.3-1

  Merge branch 'upstream' into debian/sid

  sisu_markup.sst, document a fix (v1 & 2)

  dal_images, where image dimensions are set in an object...

  version & changelog 2.7.3 (squeeze freeze, fixes)

  hub, fix breakage when -y (manifest) is run without -m

  urls, cleaning

  a few aliases added (long options)

  sha256 (2.7.2)

2.7.2-1 ----- Release in Testing, Previous Unblock Request
[Ralph Amissah] comment and commitdiff

  debian/changelog 2.7.2-1

*- unblock history -*

This is the fifth unblock request on the package sisu after the freeze (blame
additional testing by the live-manual (debian-live) members for the last two).

2.6.3-4 code and documentation fixes
contributed for Squeeze.
first was granted  by Julien Cristau (for which thanks, he
also dealt with an unblock request on a sister package "sisu-markup-samples");

2.6.3-5 bug fix #596736 for Squeeze. Primarily a bug-fix.
the second unblock request Mehdi Dogguy (thank you).

2.6.3-6 Documentation and reliability fix.
third unblock request, Neil McGovern (thank you)

2.7.2-1 (2.7.0 - 2.7.2 bug fix #598063 and other fixes)
the fourth unblock request Mehdi Dogguy (thank you).

2.7.5-1 (2.7.3 - 2.7.5 bug fixes, requested fixes)
the fifth unblock request

The following is an extract from the previous unblock request, explaining the
reason for the change in freeze patching strategy:

>The plan now is to port/merge the debian freeze changes for 2.6.3-6 upstream
>with a new upstream tarball numbered 2.7.0 to represent the version in Squeeze.
>[An aside (verbose full disclosure for the sake of clarity). There is an issue
>with current and earlier versions of sisu and ruby1.9.2 (not the default
>ruby1.8.7). Some sisu options result in a segfault where there was no bug of
>any kind previously in ruby1.8.7, ruby1.9.0 or ruby1.9.1. (Bug report here
>http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=597953 ). This is not a
>situation that is introduced by any recent version of sisu, and does not affect
>my unblock request. However, I nevertheless would like to be able to provide an
>upstream tarball of the latest version of sisu to ruby-core if I end up filing
>a bug report there (not least because the sisu --long-options are easier to
>understand) and will proceed to make sisu 2.7.0-1 which will be substantively
>identical to 2.6.3-6, the freeze on sisu will continue. In any event sisu-2.7.0
>will not be uploaded to Debian before 2.6.3-6 has made it to testing, the
>Release Team hopefully seeing fit to grant this unblock request.]

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