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Re: how to proceed with geany-plugins 0.19

On 10/02/2010 07:11 PM, Julien Cristau wrote:
> I added a removal hint for geany-plugins 0.18 to at least fix that issue
> for now.

How about letting geany-plugins 0.19 go into Squeeze? It's been sitting
in Sid for 35 days, and the only bug reported since then is "where is
g-p in squeeze?".

Adam has noted in his mail from the 09/05/2010 that the diff is quite
big (177 files changed, 7360 insertions(+), 2685 deletions(-)). This is
true, most of this is the latex and gdb plugins.

Btw, if I trust my git, the diff is "smaller" (still big):
git diff --shortstat debian/0.18-2 debian/0.19-1 `find . -name \*.c -o
-name \*.h -o -name \*.lua |grep -v "^./codenav/"  |grep -v
"^./geanyextrasel" |grep -v "^./geanygendoc" |grep -v
"^./geanyinsertnum" |grep -v "^./pretty-printer" |grep -v "^./treebrowser"`
 88 files changed, 5592 insertions(+), 1511 deletions(-)

With the biggest changes:
 addons/src/ao_bookmarklist.c         |  446 ++++++++++
 addons/src/ao_tasks.c                |  726 ++++++++++++++++
 geanygdb/src/gdb-ui-main.c           |  493 ++++++-----
 geanygdb/src/geanygdb.c              |  419 +++++++++
 geanylatex/src/geanylatex.c          | 1550

Evgeni Golov

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