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Re: Request for unblocking: bugfixes for xfe filemanager

Julien Cristau <jcristau@debian.org> wrote on 2010-10-07 22:10:

> Why is there a hardcoded dependency on libcups2 and Suggests on
> libstartup-notification0?
> Why does this include an embedded copy of libstartup-notification
> instead of linking against the shared lib?

Xfe uses the library libfox-1.6-0 which have the dependency to libcups2.
An older version of xfe had a problem:
But you are right, it seems it is not necessary because of the dependency
of libfox-1.6-0 to libcups2. I must test it without the hardcoded
dependency on libcups2.

Xfe 1.32 comes with the new feature 'startup-notification'. I have always
assumed the developer uses the system (shared) library. Now I have checked
src/startupnotification.h and I have seen he uses the embedded code of
libstartup-notification. Because of some code differences between both
versions it is unclear whether xfe would work with the shared library.

Therefore I need some discussion with the developer about this item.
I think for this version of xfe it is better to remove the suggestion for
libstartup-notification0 and let it use the embedded code.

Have a nice day,

Joachim (Germany)

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