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Re: Some updates not contained on point release DVDs

On 26.09.10 Adam D. Barratt (adam@adam-barratt.org.uk) wrote:
> On Sun, 2010-09-26 at 21:12 +0100, Steve McIntyre wrote:

Hi all,

> > It's worth asking
> > the stable release manager(s) or the security team why these updates
> > have not made it into the lenny point releases. I'm interested
> > myself...
> Packages from stable-security only get accepted in to
> proposed-updates (and therefore into stable) once the packages are
> available for all architectures; otherwise, once the package is in
> proposed-updates, the standard autobuilders will try building it
> for the missing architectures which will cause problems if the
> package is later provided via the security archive, as the packages
> will most likely not be identical but will have the same version
> number.
Many thanks for your extensive answer!

> This information can also be seen in the "resolution pending"
> section of http://release.debian.org/proposed-updates/stable.html ;
> hopefully the above is sufficiently detailed, but please let us
> know if there are any further queries.
So there is a chance that these builds gets a future point release of
Debian lenny (if there will be one), right?

Thanks again,

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