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Request for freeze exception for DAViCal / AWL packages


I would like to request a freeze exception for the DAViCal and AWL
packages for Squeeze to accept version of DAViCal and 0.45 of

The following points apply:

1) I am the upstream developer and the Debian packager.  This is not an
ideal situation, as everyone knows, and in particular it means that bugs
tend to be filed upstream, rather than against the Debian package.
There are significant issues with the 0.9.9 version in Debian which are
fixed in, including some security issues and some minor
potential data loss problems.  The six sporadic months of development in
between were largely stability and correctness work, although some
notable functionality was also added to support CardDAV.

2) Neither DAViCal nor AWL made it into Lenny, so users running DAViCal
on Lenny will in most cases be using my personal repository and in all
likelihood will already be running the newer release.

3) All packages have been in unstable for more than 10 days without any
bugs filed.

4) DAViCal software is tracking a set of standards which are themselves
undergoing reasonably rapid evolution (well: rapid for standards :-) and
the current version in unstable matches the current incarnation of those
standards now.  In particular the webdav sync protocol draft has changed
in the last six months and will become a heavily used feature within
calendaring software.  While the early implementation included within
0.9.9 was valuable in informing some of those changes, it was necessary
to introduce a subtle incompatibility between the versions and existing
client support for that early draft is unlikely to last far into the
life of Squeeze.


The AWL libraries are packaged separately to DAViCal, since although
DAViCal is their sole dependency in Debian there are other non-Debian
applications which use various parts of their functionality.

Thanks for your time, consideration and effort :-)

						Andrew McMillan.

andrew (AT) morphoss (DOT) com                            +64(272)DEBIAN
 If you're careful enough, nothing bad or good will ever happen to you.

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