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Re: [php-maint] Freeze exception: php5

On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 22:37, Raphael Geissert <geissert@debian.org> wrote:
> If you want ditch the work that has been done by upstream, my fellow
> maintainers, and other contributors, go ahead. Just beware that the current
> version in testing isn't ready.

I would add that we know that it took us some time to get 5.3.3 out
and we could have done better, but the php5 is very hard to maintain.
Backporting security fixes is not a really nice thing to do, since php
doesn't use any good VCS. And upstream tend to answer with "test with
latest cvs". Not to mention that php maintainers have high burnout
rate (myself and sean is a nice example).

And I think that Raphael did a great job pinpointing real changes
between 5.3.2 and 5.3.3. So you should probably consider other
measures for letting php 5.3.3 in than just diffstat output.

Unfreezing 5.3.3 would not only make life easier for the maintainers,
but also for the security team, and least but not last our users.

Ondřej Surý <ondrej@sury.org>

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