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Bug#599307: unblock: jblas/1.1.1-1

On Wed, Oct  6, 2010 at 17:12:54 +0200, Soeren Sonnenburg wrote:

> jblas 1.0.2 is currently in squeeze, is not working whenever complex
> numbers are returned as results. So upstream fixed that in version 1.1-1
> and filed an important bug.
> I fixed that in jblas 1.1-1 and the package got unblocked. In the
> meantime upstream made another bugfix release - version 1.1.1 which I
> uploaded to unstable under version 1.1.1-1. 
It would have been nice to let the unblocked version transition first...

> Now atlas transitioned into testing but jblas does not because of this
> recent upload (waiting 20 days without bugreports).
> Since this package has no rdepends and is new in squeeze it should be
> pretty safe to upgrade even to this new version.
> Could you please unblock it?
> unblock jblas/1.1.1-1
+        /** Get matrix element, passing the variable to store the result. */
+        public ComplexDouble get(int rowIndex, int columnIndex, ComplexDouble result) {
+            return get(index(rowIndex, columnIndex));
+        }

Am I missing something, or is that not using result at all?


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