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Bug#599212: Upgrade hylafax to 2:6.0.5-3 in squeeze

Package: release.debian.org

Hi all,
I am requesting to migrate hylafax 2:6.0.5-3 from unstable to testing.

This request follow current freeze guidelines since it fixes two
important bugs #597693 and #514950 and hylafax priority is extra, and
the packages are already sitting in unstable since 12 days. There are
more changes: a few about documentation or translation. And, lastly, a
few fixes in upstream code.

The new version differ from current version for several reason:

1. new upstream version (a minor update) mainly include upstream what
was already applied as Debian patches. There are also four new fixes, as
detailed below.

2. changes in init.d file fix an important problem reported as #514950
on Debian BTS and a different problem reported against Ubuntu BTS that
required a PS_PERSONALITY variable assignment

3. #597693 was really a problem in dependency. Previous packages where
changing the AWK path according the the AWK program installed on the
build system. That was a major bug, I think.

4. hylafax.po for Italian has been updated

Detail on upstream differences:

code change (fix):
* Allow "any" as answer method for FIFO messages (2010-01-22)
* Correctly check for long lines when checking for the last match
* Fix calls to pdf2fax/ps2fax in ConvertFile (2010-04-02)
* notify: FaxMaster notifications wildcard fixups (2010-05-05)
* Bug 928: issues with installClient target of Hylafax (2010-05-05)
* faxq: better capturing of failed conversion output (2010-08-10)

documentation update and typo correction
* Typo in CONFIG_UNIXTRANSPORT define checks (2009-11-06)
* Updates LibTIFF homepage URLs (2010-02-05)
* Updated ftp site address in setup error message (2010-03-05)

patches from Debian
* manpages: Updates from debian (2010-05-05)
* pdf2fax/ps2fax: Use -dMaxStripSize=0 (2010-05-05)
* Fixes compilation on some platforms (2010-06-24)
* Class2: Fix hangup cause handling (2010-08-30)
* Compiler warning cleanup (2010-08-30)

Thank you very much,

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