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Bug#598855: unblock: gconf/2.28.1-4

Le dimanche 03 octobre 2010 à 16:46 +0200, Julien Cristau a écrit : 
> On Sat, Oct  2, 2010 at 18:35:43 +0200, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> > gconf (2.28.1-4) unstable; urgency=low
> >  .
> >    * 03_error_message.patch: new patch. Replace the error message by
> >      something more accurate nowadays. Closes: #582839.
> > 
> That changes a translated (or, well, translatable) string though :/

Indeed, but it’s a choice between an inaccurate but translated message,
and a correct one in English. Since in both cases a user encountering
such an error would have to ask a technical person (likely the one who
broke the system so that the error appears), I think the latter is

Alternatively we can ask for translations on debian-i18n for that
string, it would be easy to integrate them.

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