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Re: Anjuta in squeeze

Quoting Josselin Mouette (joss@debian.org):

> What does this leave us for squeeze? 
>       * Shipping 2.30.2 with its stability problems, with no upstream
>         support and no hope to really fix them. 
>       * Shipping this patched 2.32 version which should be much more
>         stable. 
>       * Going back to anjuta 2.24, which used to be stable too, or even
>         the 2.4 version from lenny. 
>       * Dropping anjuta from the release, and recommending something
>         else instead (probably monodevelop).

Without any RT hat on my head, I think that the wise option is going
for 2.32 and eventually be ready to make a few more upload (even in
s-p-u after the release) in case some important bugs show up.

My two cents, of course...

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