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Bug#595479: Please unblock: openmotif/2.3.3-4

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 15:19:11 +0200, Stefan Bauer wrote:

> Am 22.09.2010 14:53, Julien Cristau schrieb:
> > So there's something I'm not sure I understand here.  AFAIK, we're
> > shipping motif because some closed apps need it.  How does that work if
> > we get rid of libXm.so.3?  Or did I misunderstand the point of those
> > packages?
> Apps have to be recompiled if the users decide to replace libXm.so.3
> by libXm.so.4
That's not an option for closed apps.  And open apps should be using
lesstif anyway.


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