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unblock preview: wesnoth/1.8.3-6


 I got a bugreport that a metapackage for wesnoth-music makes quite some
sense too so I started to add it. Along the same path it occured to me
that a wesnoth-editor and wesnoth-all transitional package can help the
users pretty well, too.

 It would be kind to know wether the following diff might get an ACK
before I upload it:

 Reason why I want to have this semi-ACKed before the upload is that
actually 1.8.4 is out for a while, and when this won't receive an ACK I
rather would like to invest to get the new upstream bugfix release
packaged (which as I understand it won't be able to receive an unblock
even though it's main focus in the stable branch is bugfixes and
translation updates), some users start asking about it.

 Thanks in advance for considering it,

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