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Advice for an new otrs2 upload

Hello release team,

otrs2 2.4.8 - a maintainenance only release - is out now. Also with a
security fix.

I crawled myself through the full diff and found out, that upstream
tried to update the fckeditor, but reverted the change, because it is
not working so well with newer IE and Chrome browsers and the diff
blowed up, because of whitespace changes..

So my diff line looks like:
diff -Nbaur otrs2-2.4.7+dfsg1/ otrs-2.4.8/ --exclude \*Language\*
--exclude obstacles_upd2.xml --exclude=doc --exclude RELEASE --exclude
CHANGES --exclude ARCHIVE --exclude \*.opm

Excluding the language updates, excluding obstacles_upd2.xml, because it
is a new file, not needed for the Debian packages, excluded doc updates
and release notes. Now I have got:
	99 files changed, 3078 insertions(+), 1101 deletions(-)

A few files are also not relevant for Debian.
But now the changelog:

2.4.8 (2010/09/15)
 - (2010/08/20) Fixed bug#5742 - Outgoing email link detection does not
work properly.
 - (2010/08/18) Fixed bug#5444 - TicketZoom mask vulnerable to XSS.
 - (2010/08/09) Fixed bug#5698 - Ticket Assignment includes '(' character.
 - (2010/07/20) Fixed bug#4483 - AgentTicketActions, set radio button
when select
    old/ new owner are selected, fix wrong javascript behavior.
 - (2010/07/15) Fixed bug#5416 - AgentTicketMove does not support
Pending Date.
 - (2010/07/15) Fixed bug#5556 - Broken unicode chars in CustomerUser
 - (2010/07/14) Fixed bug#5132 - New owner validation always ask to set
a owner.
 - (2010/07/13) Fixed bug#5210 - LinkQuote consumes all CPU memory when
processing a
    large amount of data.
 - (2010/07/13) Fixed bug#5550 - Broken linebreaks in textareas of
Google Chrome.
 - (2010/07/07) Fixed bug#5541 - Dashboard Chart generates error in
webserver log.
 - (2010/07/01) Fixed bug#5512 - Bulk Action No Access is displayed
 - (2010/06/25) Updated Danish translation, thanks to Jesper R<F8>nnov,
    Faaborg-Midtfyn Kommune!
 - (2010/06/24) Fixed bug#5445 - Reflected XSS vulnerability.
 - (2010/06/16) Fixed bug#5488 - AutoPriorityIncrease runs into failures.
 - (2010/06/16) Fixed bug#5478 - Web Installer has 'editable' license text.
 - (2010/05/31) Fixed bug#5385 - Queue name is not used in signature on
 - (2010/05/28) Fixed bug#5235 - Link in response not shown as link.
 - (2010/05/28) Added PNG version of data model in doc directory.
 - (2010/05/28) Fixed bug#5395 - Function $LanguageObject->Time() can't
 - (2010/05/25) Fixed bug#5397 - Response not converted to Ascii when
Rich Text
    Editor is disabled.
 - (2010/05/24) Fixed bug#5383 - Fckeditor localization not working for some
    languages such as Brazilian Portuguese.
 - (2010/05/07) Fixed bug#5336 - Also set execute bit on scripts/tools.
 - (2010/04/30) Make it possible to use a version argument with bin/opm.pl.
 - (2010/04/21) Fixed bug#5266 - Ticket Zoom shows wrong html content if
    is no text but two html attachments in there.
 - (2010/04/15) Fixed bug#5242 - Newlines are not displayed in html
    mails on Lotus Notes
 - (2010/04/14) Fixed bug#4999 - Cache for customer user is not
refreshed when
    a preference is updated.
 - (2010/04/13) Fixed bug#5152 - responsible_user_id in ticket table is
wrong in
 - (2010/04/12) Fixed bug#5108 - The RSS date was not displayed correctly.
 - (2010/04/12) Fixed bug#5112 - Redirecting to a valid screen after
    from a ticket where the agent does not have permissions on the queue.
 - (2010/04/06) Fixed bug#4986 - There is no activate/deactivate check for
    Graphsize menu when the page loads in Stats Definition
 - (2010/04/01) Fixed bug#4786 - AgentTicketCompose ONLY: Defining a
next state,
    then adding and attachment, resets the next state upon screen refresh.
 - (2010/03/29) Improved handling of the StateType attribute of
    StateGetStatesByType() in Kernel/System/State.pm.
 - (2010/03/24) Fixed bug#5164 - Pending time not working if agent as an
 - (2010/03/19) Fixed bug#5094 - Bulk pending date/time do not get
applied to
 - (2010/03/18) Updated Ukrainian language translation, thanks to
Belskii Artem!
 - (2010/03/10) Fixed bug#4416 - Merge: whitespace before ticketnumber
is not
 - (2010/03/09) Fixed bug#5085 - Wrong colours codes in Stats::Graph::dclrs
 - (2010/03/08) Fixed bug#5102 - Notification sent to OTRS instead of
 - (2010/03/04) Fixed bug#5044 - Missing translation in ticket history after
    responsible update.
 - (2010/03/02) Updated Czech translation, thanks to O2BS.com, s r.o.
Jakub Hanus!
 - (2010/02/26) Fixed bug#4137 - Follow ups to internal forwarded
message marked
    as customer reply.
 - (2010/02/23) Updated pt_BR translation file, thanks to Fabricio Luiz
 - (2010/02/22) Fixed bug#5020 - Framework version for stats export is
 - (2010/02/18) Fixed bug#4969 - Event Based Notification: Body Match field
    displays Subject Match value.
 - (2010/02/16) Fixed bug#4967 - Can't locate object method "new" via
    error when using Perl 5.10.1.
 - (2010/02/15) Fixed bug#4977 - mod_perl is not used in fedora with RPM.
 - (2010/02/12) Fixed bug#4936 - Kernel::System::Main::FileWrite has
race condition.
 - (2010/02/11) Fixed bug#4442 - Customer search fails when there is a space
    in the name.
 - (2010/02/11) Fixed bug#4822 - No fulltext search with more then one word
    for FAQ.
 - (2010/02/10) Fixed bug#4889 - Inline images from Lotus Notes are not
    displayed in ticket zoom.
 - (2010/02/09) Fixed bug#4658 - Cannot delete attachment from

diff and diffstat are attached, but without debian/, I have to prepare
it first and want to know if I could go ahead with 2.4.8 for Debian (as
you can see it fixes many upstream bugs with no such a big diff) or if I
just should fix the 2.4.x security issue.

In the diff you will also see, that some more changes are only copyright
and comment updates.

Mit freundlichem Gruß / With kind regards,
 Patrick Matthäi
 GNU/Linux Debian Developer

E-Mail: pmatthaei@debian.org

Always if we think we are right,
we were maybe wrong.

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