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Upgrade report lenny → squeeze

Hi release team,

now that squeeze is frozen I thought that it is time to upgrade my
girlfriend’s laptop from lenny to squeeze, so that any bugs we find can
be fixed before the release :-) Here is the chronological upgrade report
(in case that is of use to someone):

Changed the apt-sources to squeeze

Ran apt-get dist-upgrade

DebConf: „Do you want dash as the shell“. Not sure if this question is
relevant to everyone... maybe warning about it in the Release Notes is

DebConf note: „You are being upgraded from grub to grub2“. This note
does not explain what grub is or why the user should care. Also, I’m not
sure if this needs a note – rather it should just work :-)

The next question is also from Grub 2, whether it should be loaded from
menu.lst or not. Now my girlfriend asks how someone upgrades without a
DD next to him... and I’m not sure what to answer. We go with the
default (yes).

Another grub2-question, about the correctness of the linux commandline.
It is empty. We confirm that this is ok. I hope it is.

Looks like we are done with the grub2-questions...

Question from libc about upgrading services. Confirming default.

Evolution warns about a running instance. Ok, we should have stopped
such programs. We run evolution --shutdown, as indicated, but the
warning re-appears twice. It seems that "evolution --shutdown" does not
kill evolution-exchange-storage. The installation is aborted. I kill
evolution-exchange-storage and continue  by "apt-get -f install"

At this point, I see a lot of warnings from perl about "Setting locale
failed". Her locale is de_DE.UTF8. Probably because of the interrupted
upgrade. It stops one locales is configured. Annoying, but not critical.

When "apt-get -f install" is finished, I start "apt-get -u dist-upgrade"

Another service-restarting-message due to libpam0g.

As we are running low on disk-space, I get warnings from mandb about not
being able to write on /var/cache/man. The rest works fine, though, so I
assume it is due to the 5% reserved space for root.

sysv-rc asks whether to switch to dependency based booting. We confirm
the default „yes“.

Because of the full disk, the installation was interrupted. We made
space with "apt-get clean" and then continued with "apt-get -f install".

When this was done, a notification-daemon notification popped up „System
restart required“ and that we should click the icon in the notification
area. I wonder what made that icon come up, we did not install a new
kernel yet. We ignored it and re-ran apt-get -u dist-upgrade. 

There was a message about a changed conffile, although no manual
modifications were done: /etc/console-tools/config

debconf-question from linux-base about SATA/PATA and device names, and
label-IDs. I chose No here (default is Yes), as the device names are
already sd??.

debconf-message about missing firmware for tigon devices. We had the
kernel from lenny-backports installed.

That’s it. We gonna restart now, newly found bugs will be reported as


Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
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