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Re: Dropping the .0 on release numbers?

On tiisdei 14 Septimber 2010, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> So, for the past years we have had x.0.y with growing `y' for point
> releases, and skiping to (x+1).0.0. And the zero in the middle carries
> no meaning anymore.

It also doesn't do any harm, does it?

I would vastly prefer not to change our version numbering scheme yet again. It 
was already changed for Lenny to replace r1 with .1. Your proposal would give 
us the following followup of numberings for the first point update of our 
recent releases:

Sarge: 3.1r1
Etch: 4.0r1
Lenny: 5.0.1
Squeeze: 6.0.1
Weezy: 7.1?

Our users have come to understand now that 5.0.1 is equivalent to 4.0r1, and 
that 3.1 is a different full release fom 4.0. Changing it after squeeze to 
something different yet again buys them and us nothing but unnecessary churn. 
Stability in numbering is worth a lot more than removing an extra ".0" from 
the string.


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