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Re: Bugfixes for icinga-core


On Sun Sep 05, 2010 at 10:21:41 +0200, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> Hi, 
> I know I'm late.. But we discovered some bugs in icinga 1.0.2 which would be
> nice to get fixed for squeeze. So we backported the fixes and I attached them
> to this mail. It would be nice if I could do a bugfix upload for icinga. 
> 0001-fix-image-urls-555.patch: This patch fixes some image urls which were
> borken in 1.0.2. This patch is more or less cosmetic, but it prevents several
> 404 in the apache log. 
> 0002-fix-copy-paste-error-569.patch: If the configuration file lists
> temp_path before check_result_path the former gets overwritten. This patch
> fixes that behaviour (https://dev.icinga.org/issues/569)
> 0003-modify-execv-to-execvp-accepting-4096-cmd-args-for-b.patch,
> 0004-execvp-searches-in-PATH-too-like-popen-and-returns-i.patch:
> 1.0.2 included a new heuristic to detect if a check could be executed without
> a shell to speed up things. Unfortunatly that heuristic had some critical
> bugs. One of the is that a command can only have 20-1 arguments which often
> is not enough. The second of the patches fixes PATH lookups for check
> commands. 
> 0005-fix-wrong-is_volatile-conditions-causing-wrong-servi.patch:
> The volatile check was wrong and caused wrong service alerts 
> 0006-fix-multiurl-action-status-icon-macro-processing-fix.patch:
> fixes a bug in macro processing and an invalid pointer in extinfo.cgi.

Please go ahead and upload.

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