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Please unblock mahara-1.2.6-2 (currently in NEW)


Mahara 1.2.6 was released upstream to fix two RC bugs:

- removal of a non-free swf video player (#591200)
- upgrades from 1.0.x (the version in lenny) didn't work (not in the BTS)

The reason why it's currently in NEW is that I created a new contrib package
with the swf files in it. They come with source code, but they require tools
that aren't in Debian to be built from source.

(I did most of these fixes in mahara-1.2.6-1, but I forgot about one swf so I
had to upload mahara-1.2.6-2 shortly after.)

Let me know if this request isn't useful as long as the packages as in NEW
and I'll resubmit once they've been accepted by ftpmasters.


Francois Marier                         identi.ca/fmarier
http://feeding.cloud.geek.nz          twitter.com/fmarier

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