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Re: your sks upload to unstable

Hi Julien,

Am 03.09.2010 17:07, schrieb Julien Cristau:
> you uploaded sks 1.1.1+dpkgv3-2 to unstable fixing an RC bug a few days
> ago.  Unfortunately that upload appears to have many non-critical
> changes over the version in testing, in particular the change from dbs
> tar-in-tar to dpkg v3 makes it impossible for us to review the changes
> for inclusion, and is generally frowned upon during a freeze.  How do
> you want to proceed to get that bug fix in squeeze?

thanks for asking.

Maybe it was the wrong point in time to move from dbs to quilt ...

The RC bug you mention I do not really consider as one, because it is
about reading documentation. Besides the change from dbs to quilt the
only change is the addition of a NEWS file which warns about the upgrade
of the used berkely db and that you have to do it by hand.

So the are three possibilities that I can see.

We could downgrade the RC bug.

Or you could accept the package into testing because there is no code
change and only the added NEWS file.

Or a new package with the dbs base could be uploaded with just the NEWS
file added.

What do you think?


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