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Re: please unblock gworldclock for squeeze

On Sat, Sep  4, 2010 at 22:50:17 +1000, Drew Parsons wrote:

> You can see it further below in the man page (in NOTES):
> 	Since version 2.7, glibc also provides the m modifier for the same pur‐
>        pose as the a modifier.  The m modifier has the following advantages:
>        * It may also be applied to %c conversion specifiers (e.g., %3mc).
>        * It avoids ambiguity with respect to the %a floating-point  conversion
>          specifier (and is unaffected by gcc -std=c99 etc.)
>        * It is specified in the upcoming revision of the POSIX.1 standard.

> I'm blaming %as on the character encoding troubles I'd been having,
> which was impeding fixing the bugs sooner.  The problem seemed to
> disappear after I replaced %as with %ms.
gworldclock unblocked.


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