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Re: Permission to upload security fix release of tryton-modules-stock

On Tue, August 31, 2010 21:04, Mathias Behrle wrote:
> there was just a security fix release for tryton-modules-stock.
> It provides a security fix to prohibit evaluation of injected code
> http://hg.tryton.org/1.6/modules/stock/rev/2f6ae3f40ce8

Accessing that URL results in:

<type 'exceptions.ImportError'>: No module named mercurial.hgweb.hgwebdir_mod
      args = ('No module named mercurial.hgweb.hgwebdir_mod',)
      message = 'No module named mercurial.hgweb.hgwebdir_mod'

> Commitdiff of the Debian package is here
> http://git.debian-maintainers.org/?p=tryton/tryton-modules-stock.git;a=commitdiff;h=fa5de717c3ffc15abf7b1120df056d0d9c42078c

Based on that diff, please go ahead and let us know once the package has
been accepted.



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