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Re: What to do about libtest-harness-perl?

I am digging deeper but apart from confirming that the issues are real and fixed by 3.22 I have not got anything yet. I am trying to build what a patched 3.21 would be and get a more informed opinion but the required patch does look big to me.

gregor herrmann wrote:
On Sat, 21 Aug 2010 15:03:02 +0100, Adam D. Barratt wrote:

The bug concerns how the prove utility handles testing scripts
directly. Anyway other members of the Debian Perl group will want to
express an opinion.
Did any of them do so and simply fail to Cc -release? :-)
The group definitely knows about the issue. What other information apart from opinions would be of use?
I only mentioned it because you said they would want to express their
opinion. ;-)

I looked into this issue now. Disclaimer/summary: I'm confused :)

The options seem to be to take either the new 3.22 release or create
a huge patch by taking several commits (mentioned in the first mail to
this bug). Looks both not really attractive.

Looking at the diff at
doesn't also really help due to it's size.

More interesting is a look at the two original upstream reports:

Both tickets mention a fix in one commit:
* 59186 -> http://github.com/AndyA/Test-Harness/commit/80cf0384667d8bc7e95c2b0565827292aacab139
  (and for the test: probably
  http://github.com/AndyA/Test-Harness/commit/a794796d6780f4438bb492bf87ed14982a5357dd and
  http://github.com/AndyA/Test-Harness/commit/3a934f897b6a9d1d91afbeca21616e4c729f344f and
  http://github.com/AndyA/Test-Harness/commit/6ca9bf39fed165755033e824b895edea1cac21a7 )
* 59457 -> http://github.com/AndyA/Test-Harness/commit/6703fdc01e152df672047400364b227a172449e2

I have no idea if this is enough or not; Nicholas and v.nix.is, what
do you think?

gregor, who hopes that someone else would also take a look into this

fn:Nicholas Bamber
org:Periapt Technologies

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