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Python 3 support in Squeeze

Hi Release Team,

[I asked you about this issue at DebConf10 and was told to ask via
e-mail again, hence my mail]

Squeeze will support Python 3.1 as the first Python 3.X version in
Debian. Unfortunately, we didn't have much time to start preparing
packages with 3rd party modules/extensions for Python 3.X (python2.6
transition was completed not that long ago). We still want to improve
Python 3.1 stack in Squeeze by adding python3-foo binary packages
to important packages¹ from testing (no new upstream versions!).

We plan to upload such NEW versions of Squeeze packages to experimental²
(one of ftp-team members, who is a member of our team, will help us with
that), test it there and if everything will be ok - upload to unstable
and ask for freeze exception³.

Please note that in most (all?) cases 2to3 tool (which converts
python2.X code to python3.X one) will have to be used (again, no new
upstream versions) so patching the code in Squeeze (security bugs, etc.)
will not have to be done twice (at least in most cases).

[¹] I want at least 20 more python3-foo packages, hopefully more
    (f.e. Cython, docutils, Pygments [+Sphinx backport], Sip4, PyQt,
     Beaker, Mako, lxml, ...)
[²] and thus we'll wait with adding Python 2.7 and later Python 3.2 to
    the supported Python versions in experimental
[³] with a "Py3" usertag/Subject tag (or something similar), to make it
    easier for you
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