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Bug#592421: unblock: groovy/1.7.4-1

(apologies for not getting back to you sooner)

On Mon, 2010-08-09 at 23:34 +0200, Torsten Werner wrote: 
> Please unblock the packages groovy, libjansi-java, libjansi-native-java,
> and libhawtjni-runtime-java
> The latest upstream minor release of groovy introduced 3 new

For some definitions of minor release:

	503 files changed, 34754 insertions(+), 19651 deletions(-)

Excluding antlr/, test/, hunks consisting purely of comments and
stripping white-space only changes reduces the diff to

	317 files changed, 12971 insertions(+), 4237 deletions(-)

which is saner but was still a pain to review.

> Build-Depends: libjansi-java, libjansi-native-java, and
> libhawtjni-runtime-java that have been accepted into unstable recently.
> We failed to upload them right before the freeze but I think all 4
> packages should be unblocked because:
> - they fix the RC bug #580160 and

The changelog suggests that the fix for that bug was simply the addition
of "default-jdk" to the dependencies.  Is there something else which is
specifically reliant on the new upstream version?  (Other than not
wanting to maintain an older version).

I have to admit that the introduction of three new packages, the time
since the previous upload and the reasonable number of reverse
dependencies taken together do make me ponder whether the package should
at least spend a little while longer in unstable.



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