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Re: Please add freeze exception for gitit

On 08/09/2010 02:26 PM, Giovanni Mascellani wrote:

Could you please add a freeze exception for the package gitit, that just
passed the NEW and landed to unstable? It's a package I worked on for
long time (nearly all the haskell-* packages appearing on my DDPO[1] are
the dependencies I needed to package) and I missed the freeze by one
day. Given all the work I put in it, I'd really like to see it in squeeze.

  [1] http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=Giovanni+Mascellani

Thanks, Giovanni.

Please contact us again in two weeks, when it aged a bit. Some test reports that the package actually works as expected would be appreciated, too.

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern

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