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Re: Bug#561944: GNUstep transition

On  0, Yavor Doganov <yavor@gnu.org> wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 09, 2010 at 01:13:22PM +0100, Neil McGovern wrote:
> > Ok, so at the moment let's have a soft ACK for this transition.
> Thanks!
> > Could you try and get it ready to move into testing, with the RC
> > bugs fixed?
> Sure, but what about the libmodplug transition?  Should we wait for it
> or we can upload the GNUstep core libraries to unstable right now?  (I
> guess the binNMU for cynthiune.app can be scheduled later.)

AFAICS, libmodplug transition was waiting for xmms2, which was waiting 
for sqlite3 to be rc-fixed, which happened two days ago. All packages for 
libmodplug's transition are now ready. IMO, we should try to get them in 
Squeeze before starting this transition.


Mehdi Dogguy

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