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Re: magic-haskell git vs. archive

Hi Joachim.

Excerpts from Joachim Breitner's message of Sáb Ago 07 11:34:05 -0300 2010:
> looks like there went something more wrong with the git archive.
> Attached is the diff between the sources as uploaded to the archive. It
> seems you have overwritten some of your previous changes. Maybe you
> forgot to check them in back then?

I have no idea about what happened.  I hope it's all fixed now.

> Can you try again and then provide the release team with a diff between
> 1.0.8-4 and (probably) 1.0.8-6 that looks cleaner than this one. I’m
> sure they’d prefer that :-)

Done.  debian-release: please make the freeze exception for


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