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beid release exception (?)

So, with the freeze now a fact, I'm a bit in dubio about what to do with

The version currently in testing, 3.5.2, works on the architectures
where it isn't fundamentally buggy (i.e., all non-64bit architectures).
But it doesn't work properly on others. There're also a few build issues
on some architectures.

Upstream has released a 3.5.3, which fixes most(/all?) of these issues,
and which I understand is of much higher quality in general. It had been
our intention to upload 3.5.3 to unstable rather soon, but we hadn't
gotten to that yet.

I do not believe that there are any changes in 3.5.3 unrelated to the
above-mentioned fixes, but it's hard to be sure as upstream doesn't
really provide release notes or a changelog; I'd have to analyze a diff.
Having said that, they do have a 4.0 release where they do their
intrusive changes, so I'd suspect that 3.5.3 would only contain

Would the release team vet an upload of 3.5.3, allowing it to migrate to
squeeze? If not, I can live with 3.5.2, but I suspect usptream's support
team would not exactly be thrilled about that state of affairs.


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