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Bug#587972: RM: maypole/1.2-5, memories/2.11+2.111-2


Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> writes:

>> Ben, you mentioned recently in the bug log that you were trying to
>> contact the original author of libclass-dbi-loader-relationship-perl;
>> have you had any luck with that?
> Yes, we now have a proper licence for version 1.2 and I prepared a new
> package today.  I have asked the previous maintainer, Bart Martens,
> whether he wants to resume maintenance or whether I should make a QA
> upload.

The Debian Perl Group was working on taking over maintenance when we
noticed the license problem that led to the removal of the package.
As we now have a license for the older 1.2 version, I guess we can
handle future maintenance.


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