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Bug#573272: transition: ruby1.9 -> ruby1.9.1

Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@lucas-nussbaum.net> writes:
> What needs to happen is:
> - remove the ruby1.9 source package from testing.
> - make sure all the library packages have been transitioned and migrated
>   to testing.

This has not happened yet. I think you should file an explicit rc bug
against ruby1.9 indicating that it needs to be removed, this absolutely
ensures that it will happen before the release.

> How do you want to proceed?
> I could provide migration hints for those packages, so we don't have to wait
> for the 10 days delay, and also a removal hint for ruby1.9.

I don't think we are at that point already, but there's also nothing the
release team can do in the meantime. So I guess you should just continue
your work :-)

BOFH #173:
Recursive traversal of loopback mount points

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