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Bug#573201: transition: imagemagick

On Wed, 2010-03-17 at 07:12 +0000, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> - the imagemagick upload introduced a regression in font handling, which
> will be fixed by a new upload reverting the responsible patch (#573983)
> - librmagick-ruby ftbfs, partly due to an issue fixed upstream and
> partly due to the imagemagick regression (#573620)

Both of these are now fixed.

> - gem has ftbfs on armel for the past couple of uploads with assembler
> errors (#573712, Cced to debian-arm)

This now has a patch; one of the co-maintainers has a package on
mentors.d.o with a slightly different (and simpler) patch.

> - imview ftbfs on armel (but has never built there, so isn't a
> regression); I've submitted a patch to #574191
> - gnudatalanguage ftbfs on multiple arches (#545849); it's not been in
> testing since the python2.4 removal
> - php-imagick ftbfs for non imagemagick reasons (#570649); it's
> orphaned, very outdated and not currently in testing. The prospective
> new maintainers hope to have a new version uploaded in the next couple
> of weeks.

No change (x3).

> - k3d ftbfs for unrelated errors; #571021 has a patch

On further inspection, this looks like a good candidate for removal from
testing.  The past maintainer upload was nearly three years ago and it's
had five NMUs in the intervening period to fix various FTBFSes.

> - virtuoso-opensource ftbfs on a number of architectures (#574018); an
> upload fixing all the failures is hopefully expected in the next day or
> so

The new upload has now built everywhere except sparc - that being the
one architecture for which a build fix wasn't included (but not a

> - fluxbox (#573971), pyxplot (#573972), qemulator (#573973) and xpad
> (#573975) all have explicit build-deps on libmagickcore2-extra; they
> call "convert" from debian/rules so should be fixable simply by updating
> the package name in the build-dep.

pyxplot and xpad have seen fresh uploads using the virtual package name
introduced by the last imagemagick upload.  fluxbox is pending an
upload, which should happen "soon".  I've just uploaded an NMU for


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