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TODO for squeeze: firebird

Dear release team,

As a reply to Philipp's mail, here's what firebird packages need to 
accomplish for Squeeze:

* Removal of firebird2.0. (#549062)
  Transition of reverse build-dependencies from firebird2.0-dev to 
  firebird2.1-dev is almost complete. qt4-x11 is the only one 
  remaining, and is already fixed in version 4:4.6.2-1 (in 
  experimental; #564683).
* Fixing of non-interactive purge errors, just discovered by Lucas. 
  Will do shortly (fixed 2.5 packages are building as I write this).
* Fixing #565801 -- firebird2.5: FTBFS on kFreeBSD/amd64
  Upstream suggested that the problem is in kFreeBSD/amd64. I need to 
  update the bugreport and ask again for help.

The last point is the reason I write the mail. A lot of stuff depends 
on libfbclient2 and it missing from Squeeze would also drag:
    firebird2.1 (source)
    gambas2-gb-db-firebird (src: gambas2)
    libmono-firebirdsql1.7-cil (src: mono)
    libqt3-mt-ibase (src: qt-x11-free)
    libqt4-sql-ibase (src: qt4-x11)
    php5-interbase (src: php5)

I am sure you don't have a magical kfreebsd-amd64 bullet, but want to 
be aware of the situation regardles :)

Thank you for your work on Debian releases.

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