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Bug#572839: transition: graphviz

David Claughton <dave@eclecticdave.com> writes:
> I sent the following to the list last week but didn't get a response -
> maybe it fell through the cracks?

Yeah, sorry for this, we are currently a bit understaffed. Pinging for
issues we seem to have lost is appreciated.

> Graphviz 2.26.3 has been in experimental for just about a month and we
> (as in the graphviz maintainers) now feel it is ready for uploading to
> unstable.
> This involves a transition as the existing libgraphviz4 package has been
> split into separate packages for each library and two libraries have
> soname bumps.
> Once uploaded it looks like BinNMUs will be required for the following
> packages.
>   imagemagick
>   python-pygraphviz
>   anjuta-extras
>   ggobi
>   flowcanvas
> When would you like us to upload?

If you have verified that these packages all build with the new sources,
you can do it tomorrow and we will do this quickly before taking on the
directfb soname bump. Please ping us again after you've uploaded, so
that we can schedule the needed binNMUs.

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