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OK to update Boost defaults?

Hi Release Team,

[Please cc me on replies, thanks]

I have prepared an update to boost-defaults.  I'd like some
guidance as to whether it is appropriate to upload now.

At present, boost-defaults points to 1.40.  Since Boost 1.42 is
uploaded and built on most architectures, I am considering
leapfrogging 1.41 and setting defaults to 1.42.

So, three questions:

1. Is it appropriate to change boost-defaults now (from a transitions
   point of view)?

2. If so, is it a problem to have boost-defaults point to a version
   not yet in testing?

3. If so, would you advise waiting for 1.42 to transition, or
   to update to 1.41 now then update to 1.42 when it does transition?


P.S. The boost-defaults strategy was hashed out on debian-release in
the Spring of 2009.  See threads starting at:

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