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lxc linux image flavour


the plan as decided in Portland was to go forward with openvz
if upstream provides us with a patch in time. as currently this
looks quite bad (latest available patch is for 2.6.27, there is
no sign of a patch for 2.6.32, nor any schedule like it happened
to be for Lenny).

I thus propose to enable an lxc (linux containers) [1] flavour:
* Containers are sets of processes with private namespaces, which
  can look like separate boxes
* lxc is merged in linux-2.6 and continuously improved
  (the maintenance of it should be thus much lower then
   it was for openvz)
* lxc is fast and bench mark tested [2]
* the lxc userland is in sid and available for many archs
* libvirt support
* the 2.6.32 feature/fixes patch is tiny [3]
  (has overhead that is not acceptable, for general purpose images)

On the negative side it doesn't have yet checkpointing support
and not all net/ has netns support yet.

I'll wait until 1st of February and until contrary notice
would add an lxc flavour to 2.6.32.

kind regards

[1] http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/library/l-lxc-containers/
[2] http://lwn.net/Articles/179345/
[3] http://lxc.sourceforge.net/patches/2.6.32/2.6.32-rc6/share-af-unix-socket-sysctl.patch

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