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Re: Bug#554003: munin cpu plugin has too strict limits (#554003)

Hi Peter,

Peter Palfrader wrote:
> I have not heard anything from you munin folks about a possible fix of
> this bug in stable.  Comments?

The reason you didn't hear from us is because I've forwarded this bug
upstream [1] as this is not a debian specific issue, and as such, it
will interest upstream developers (and other distributions).

So we should probably continue this discussion in the upstream bug.

However, I've seen that so far upstream developers haven't responded to
this bug. Maybe some more details on when exactly this is happening
might (how to reproduce exactly) might help.

Another thing that I notice, is that according to this bug, you're
running munin version 1.2.5-1 which is the one released for etch. The
cpu plugin was enhanced in munin version 1.2.6, which is packaged for

Can you install the latest munin version from lenny (or testing) and see
if the problem persists?

    Tom Feiner

[1] http://munin.projects.linpro.no/ticket/736

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