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Re: 'perl-modules' -> 'perl' transition

Eugene V. Lyubimkin wrote:
> Hello Release team,
> Perl maintainers are to merge the package 'perl-modules' to 'perl'.
> Currently these packages depend on each other.
> The transition plan:
> 1) move the contents of 'perl-modules' to 'perl', leaving 'perl-modules'
> as an empty package that depends on 'perl'
> this should not break anything in the archive, and we are going to
> prepare experimental packages first and then upload them to sid soon,
> are you OK with this?
> 2) remove the package 'perl-modules' before Squeeze entirely
> this transition part needs sourceful uploads, but is remarkably easy in
> sense all people that used 'perl-modules' already have 'perl' installed,
> so there is no need to keep transition package next release, plus
> requires no intrusive changes in affected packages, just updating
> control files
> 2.1) file the bugs on affected packages to depend and build-depend on
> 'perl' and not on 'perl-modules' with severity normal, ~130 packages
> 2.2) wait two-three months, remove 'perl-modules' from sid, bump
> severity of non-fixed bugs to serious
> 2.3) wait a week, prepare NMUs to all packages with still non-fixed bugs
> Are you OK with this plan?

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C++/Perl developer, Debian Developer

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